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Free Bingo Keeps the Cash in our Pockets and the Smiles on our Faces

free bingo city bingoAh, our beloved Free bingo, here at City Bingo you could describe it as our passion, our inspiration, our muse! That’s why we dedicate so much of our time to providing our members with the hottest free bingo games playing anywhere on the net today with guaranteed cash prizes of up to £50 every single day.

We have also recently decided to open up our fifth free room which means that now there are more prizes available to win than ever and the best part is that the crowds have now been parted meaning that each players chances of winning a great prize are higher than ever before.

We’ve got more than just a few quid to giveaway as well…

So why do we offer our members so much free play? Well, it’s because we know it keeps them happy and that it hopefully keeps them coming back to City Bingo time after time. Naturally, as well as free bingo we also love to have a bit of a huge-monster-giveaway time to time like our current I Love New York giveaway which is set to see the luckiest member of the month head out for a three day shopping trip to Manhattan with £500 to spend. This prize will be taking place just before Christmas too, a time when New York is at its most romantic and most splendid. For more information on our ‘I love New York’ giveaway head to our homepage today and click on the ‘Promotions’ tab.

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