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Who Fancies Some Free Bingo in the Form of 10,000 City Bingo Points

win free bingo credit at city bingo facebook pageHow’s it going free bingo fans? How would you like to get your hands on yet more free bingo right here at your favourite down town free bingo site? Well you can by simply going on Facebook today! We are in such a good mood that all you have to do is go to the City Bingo page and comment “City Bingo is the place to be” on our latest post and we’ll pick 25 random winners!

10,000 Free Bingo Credits When You Comment on the City Bingo Facebook Page…

Make sure you remember to add your correct City Bingo aliases when you make your comment, otherwise we won’t be able to apply all your free bingo bonus points. This promotion doesn’t work on a first-post first-win basis either so you can still head right over to the Facebook page now to get involved.

You would think that we are getting bored of free bingo promotions here at City Bingo wouldn’t you? Well we are not and we have plenty more bingo treats where they come from!

Don’t forget, it’s Rush Hour Madness tonight where you can get involved to try and scoop a free bingo guaranteed jackpot of £750! Make sure you get your cards in before the 7.50pm deadline and remember the chat room always opens a bit early.

Rush Hour Madness is just one of the great free bingo guaranteed jackpot games here at City Bingo, make sure you check the jackpots tab for more information.

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Responses to Who Fancies Some Free Bingo in the Form of 10,000 City Bingo Points

  1. city bingo is the bes

  2. anne jones says:

    i lv city i always play on city lv the cms n very friendly peeps on there x

  3. WINSHANEWIN says:

    City Bingo is the place to be

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